The Prasouda Diet Pregnancy Food Guide

Pregnant women often ask the question:  What should I eat while I’m pregnant to ensure that my baby is born healthy?  The best answer is that most foods are safe, however one must pay more attention to how food is prepared, stored, and what kinds of nutrients that are obtained.  Keeping in mind the Prasouda Diet, which allows for all food from all food groups to be consumed, women can follow this food guide for healthy eating during pregnancy.  Here are the top essential vitamins and minerals that you should look for.


Prasouda Diet Pregnancy Food Guide - Calcium - Milk

Skim Milk

Dairy products such as skim milk and certain cheeses like mozerella are ideal for building calcium, an important component for babies in the womb.  Doctors recommend that you ingest approximately 1000mg of calcium to ensure that your baby’s bones grow strong.  It also helps to develop their heart system, nervous system, and muscles.  Other foods in the Prasouda Diet that would contain calcium would be found in whole wheat tortillas and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Folic Acid

Prasouda Diet Pregnancy Food Guide - Folic Acid - Broccoli


It’s also important for women to eat a healthy diet during pregnancy that includes folic acid.  This is vital in the prevention of birth defects and other forms of neural problems, as well as needed for DNA production.  In the Prasouda Diet, one can consume foods such as asparagus spears, lentils, or certain fortified cereals.  Leafy vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce, and others like broccoli are also beneficial.  It is also recommended that dietary supplements be added to the Prasouda Diet intake just to ensure that at least 600mcg is consumed every day.

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