The Health Benefits of the Prasouda Diet


The Prasouda Diet bases itself on the philosophy that eating good food and being active will lead to a healthy lifestyle.  Changing the types of things that we eat and following the Prasouda Diet has many beneficial effects.

Physical Health Benefits

Prasouda Diet Health BenefitsFor one, the diet increases the quality of the types of foods that we eat without sacrificing the quantity that is consumed.  Normally, other diets focus on significant reductions in some form or another.  But, the Prasouda Diet allows one to have good foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables in large amounts, supplemented by meats, grains, and dairy products as needed.  Such foods contain vast amounts of essential vitamins and minerals that are critical in preventing diseases and other ailments, leading to better overall health.  As compared to North Americans, Mediterranean residents often have a decreased chance of heart disease or stroke as a result of having better eating habits and a better diet.

Psychological Benefits

Another benefit is that because the quantity of the food is not changing so drastically, the person following the Prasouda Diet does not ever feel that they are starving or hungry.  Should the person feel that way, healthy snacks such as nuts (almonds for example) can be consumed without fear of feeling guilty.  It is this fear of guilt that leads others to be unsuccessful with their diets and give up entirely.  However, the Prasouda diet allows one to feel free and secure in their eating possibilities.  This lowers the risk of depression and psychological trauma as a result of having failed the completion of a different dieting strategy.

Physical Benefits

Physical activity plays a role in leading the lifestyle of the diet.  As a result of eating better food in the first place, you will have more energy to do things.  The main benefit of having an increased metabolism is a direct result of the change in eating habits and quality of the food.  The Prasouda Diet not only is predicated having an active lifestyle, but it allows for it in the first place.  Increased energy levels in the body allows for less stress, more relaxation, and improved mental health.  Weight loss is also a common occurrence.  Other diets are often quick and painful when executed, and can lead to more stress greater than the benefit that they were supposed to provide initially.  The Prasouda Diet is meant to sustain the person over the course of their lifetime.

It’s Good For Your Heart

Prasouda Diet Health BenefitsOlive oil consumption is also emphasized in the Prasouda Diet, most likely because of the health benefits of Omega3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.  Because extra virgin olive oil does not share properties of other oils that have saturated fats and trans fats, it can be used as a cooking agent without fear of raising LDL cholesterol levels.  Reduced cholesterol levels lead to healthier arteries and reduced chance of heart problems.  It is not a critical component to the diet, but the substitution of it in lieu of other oils leads people to be healthier overall.

Disease Avoidance

By placing an increased emphasis on fruits and vegetables and substituting those for red meats, one can also expect to increase their life expectancy as well.  Studies have shown that Europeans in the Mediterranean who follow the Prasouda Diet live longer than their North American counterparts.  In addition, people are less exposed to diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, asthma, high-blood pressure, and Parkinson’s disease.  The diet is also ideal for pregnant mothers and young children.

The Prasouda Diet:  Bottom Line

The advantages of the Prasouda Diet are numerous to list.  Above all, these advantages have a positive effect and contribute to one’s physical, mental, and overall well-being.  It is so easy to implement and maintain that it should be part of one’s core lifestyle.

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