The Prasouda Diet – Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables have the most importance in the Prasouda Diet plan.  They comprise the bulk of what you should be eating every day.  Why are they so important?  The reason is because they contain so many different kinds of vitamins and minerals that are essential in keeping your body healthy.  They also help to prevent disease and other chronic illnesses.  If our eating habits emphasize regular consumption in the Prasouda Diet then we can be healthier overall.  Let’s examine some of the vitamins and minerals in particular and the types of fruits or vegetables in which they can be found in.


Prasouda Diet Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables - CabbageCalcium is important for strong bones and healthy teeth.  Often found in milk sources or other dairy foods, it is vital to have calcium intake on a daily basis.  What most people don’t realize is that calcium can also be found in certain vegetables in large amounts as well.  For instance, it can be found in broccoli and leafy green vegetables such as spinach, arugula, and cabbage.  You can also find it contained within garlic, sun dried tomatoes, turnip greens, okra, and sweet potatoes.


Prasouda Diet Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables - EdamameFiber helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body, and also helps with the digestive system to break down foods.  Naturally, fruits and vegetables contain fiber, and since the best Prasouda Diet is the one that emphasizes their consumption you will experience the beneficial effects on your overall health.  Foods you can look out for are, again, avocado, tomatoes, artichokes, lima beans, peas, parsnips, edamame, eggplant, and green beans.  There are numerous others to list.

Folic Acid

Prasouda Diet Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables - BananasFolic acid is of particular concern within pregnant mothers as evidenced in our previous article, The Prasouda Diet Pregnancy Food Guide.  It is important in preventing birth defects and disease for your unborn baby.  Thankfully, fruits and vegetables contain folic acid in amounts that would be suitable for your pregnancy diet.  Lentils, chickpeas, okra, spinach, asparagus, bananas, oranges, and peaches all contain folic acid in amounts that would be ideal.  Whenever possible, eat them raw so that the cooking process does not affect the concentration levels in a negative manner.


Prasouda Diet Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables - SpinachThis mineral is another important part of the Prasouda Diet plan.  It helps transport oxygen within our body cells and also is vital for our muscle protein.  In turn, it helps to prevent things such as cancer, improves our immune system, and increases our metabolism.  Apricots, parsley, cooked spinach, olives, lentils, pears, and leeks are some examples of fruits and vegetables that are high in iron.  It’s ideal to consume these in your daily routine.


Prasouda Diet Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables - BeetsThe primary benefits of potassium are disease prevention in the form of stroke, stress anxiety, and high blood pressure.  Decreased levels of these problems leads to a longer life and the Prasouda Diet plan is ideally suited for providing increased potassium levels in one’s daily intake.  In addition, it helps to regulate body fluid levels (i.e. water balancing), electrolytic functions, and increase metabolism.  Food to watch out for that contains potassium in the Prasouda Diet are apricots, beets, nectarines, melons, plain yogurt, squash, raisins, pears, lima beans, and brussels sprouts.

Vitamin A

Prasouda Diet Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables - Sweet PotatoesVitamin A is very important for our immune system.  It has health benefits with respective to our skin and mucous membrane cells.  They help to keep these cells in good condition.  When they are, they help to prevent diseases, bacteria, and viruses.  They help to fight cancer, prevent stroke, infections, eye disorders, skin disorders, and other ailments.  The Prasouda Diet contains many fruits and vegetables that have high Vitamin A content.  Carrots, spinach, red peppers, broccoli, sweet potatoes, leeks, grapefruit, cantaloupes, and watermelon are all good sources of it in varying amounts.

Vitamin C

Prasouda Diet Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables - OrangesThis vitamin is very important as it is one of the best antioxidants that we can consume.  These protect against anything harmful to our metabolism and help prevent immune system problems along with cardiovascular disease.  It is also beneficial to pregnant mothers as it helps to keep both mother and child healthy during pregnancy.  Vitamin C can be found in lots of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, mangoes, grapefruits, papayas (i.e. a lot of citrus fruits), broccoli, butternut squash, kale, brussels sprouts, and green peppers.  The best Prasouda Diet plan can accommodate all of these types of fruits and vegetables, and therefore it is easy to acquire Vitamin C on a daily basis.

Further Reading

While the Prasouda Diet places a heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables, it may be possible that not all of them are suitable for your current health situation.  Please keep in mind that the above are suggestions for foods that contain the vitamins listed.  There are many other vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body as well.  For best results, contact your doctor or physician for a recommended meal plan that best fits your overall health strategy.  You may also be interested in reading the general health benefits in  The Health Benefits of the Prasouda Diet article.

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